Bridge the Gap

Let’s talk about the gap between the literacy of people and technology.

I myself have over a decade of experience with computers and different types of technology. It started with taking apart left over electronics my family did not want any more. I found that once I repaired them that I became the family repairman. From there I continued a self taught regime of finding and repairing or consolidating pieces to create new or better pieces of technology. Then I joined the army after 9/11 and wanting to advance my career with education. I became a 94F Special Electronics Device Repairer which allowed my access to a new level of technology. Massive to small satellite communication equipment, generators,  night-vision devices and other systems. Now as an IT professional and continuing my education with college I want to help others and continue the conversation of technology.


I will start the discussion with some history about the basics of the internet and tools around its use.

The internet has been around since the 1960’s but has gone through a multitude of changes since its inception by DARPA. A limited number of computers that would send text based messages to each other. It was very archaic to what we have now. Then a little over a decade later ARPANET was developed and is the true basis of what we use today. After this development other more involved structures are put in place to make this easier to use and more reliable use, opening the door to everyone instead of the the very computer literate.

Email has virtually ended the need of paper letters and gives instant access to each other thoughts or questions without waiting days to receive the letter or pay postage. It evolved basically with the internet. Allowing more and more to be instantaneously transported to and from any where in the world. It began with the ability to only send a few character letters to now whole books can be sent.

Social Networking is what we are doing here with blogs and accessing Facebook or other sites that allow people to communicate over the internet. In today’s world we use more and more social networking without knowing how it works or how it affects our lives. Do you all find social networking has more positives than negatives? Do you use social networking for more than work or just because its the only way you can contact some people in your lives? Below I have some links for resource and to help further the topic.

Social Media and Society: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Wiki’s and Blogs

What I have created here is a blog, a place where I can share information and allow others to reply. This can be done in many formats but they all use the ideas of the creator, other source material and the reader to help further it along. Wiki’s are similar but the format is created by the site and followers/ readers fill in the information as they see fit. Blogs are known to be opinion based with informative material but wiki’s are considered a very a wary source as usually random unknown people make inserts that may not be confirmed. It may be on purpose or on accident but you do not want to use wiki’s or blogs as facts without further research. .org’s and .gov’s can usually be trusted as they usually have a higher amount of scrutiny with limited number of people who can add or change information.

Podcast and Webcast are very similar but have some differences that make them separate. A podcast is usually a prerecorded event that is informal but can have a professional gloss to it as editing can be done before the audience will view it. Where as a webcast is live and everything is done right then and there for everyone to see. A live audience watching over the internet as the webcast progresses and requires usually a small crew to make happen with some professionalism.

Streaming Media is when video and or audio content are compressed and sent over the internet for immediate access. Some of you may have been around when the Rolling Stones streamed a concert live in 1994. But today programs like Netflix let you stream movies and the abundance of applications on phones and other devices let you stream music the second you purchase or even for free.


E-Commerce and M-Commerce

E-commerce is basically any transaction that takes place over the internet and M-commerce is the same thing except it is done over any wireless internet accessible device like a phone. A lot of businesses use the internet to make sales in today’s world. Companies from Wal-Mart to Amazon allow use of both forms to compete in this market. Banks now allow you to access your account and make transactions through computers and phones. Most people today probably use their phone to make most commercial transactions with apps than they do with their home computers.–literacy


I have placed more links below to help give more information about today’s discussion. Let me know what else you may want to discuss as this was just a beginning start to hopefully more discussions.


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